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World of Speed 2012 Photos

This is a APS 650cc BF that so far goes 198 mph. The are trying to break a record they set in 2010 at 194.431 in fuel Their gas record is 185 mph. The name of the team is Project 212 and today 212 mph is the goal using fuel.

Diesen Venture came out to our meet. This is just a fun sight to see. Talk about thinking outside the box.


See even dogs can look cool for the chics on the salt.

This is so true for many of us. But so worth it.

This shoot deployed and disintegrated. It's from the RWS streamliner that ran 268 mph. The shoot was left on the track just past the 6 mile marker. The run was not at the speed they hoped for. The third shoot deployed successfully.

Nostaligic is always great to see. This 37 ford running a 2000 LS-1 engine is attempting to enter the 130 club. Prior runs were hitting about 126 mph. Andy Loyd is the owner builder driver and was helped by Steve Bluestein.

Planes, automobiles, now all we need is trains. We get spectators from all over. Thanks for your support. We wouldn't be able to have this meet without all of us being involved. From spectators to participants to workers. We love you all!

A lone bug makes its way to the pits. Good luck!

This car ran 150.4 earlier today. He just ran this air cooled VW at 149 mph
Tom Simon is the driver and the owner Brit Grannis. It has a 2332 cc with CB Super Pro heads and 52 webers. It runs 12.5:1 compression.

Rejetting this did not work out this morning. Ronnie Feitelson ran 73 mph today. He ran 86.633 mph yesterday. This is an entry in the DSS class with a 1482cc in the 36 HP Challenge.


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