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World of Speed 2008

Information Wanted!!!
Racers-- Email us a short report on how you did at World of Speed. People all around the world want to know.


We were there last year with our go kart and managed top speed of 121 mph with an R6. This year we changed the R6 to a R1 and managed to get into the 130 club. Next year we hope to be back to see all of our new friends Many many thanks to everyone that volunteered their time, esp the ladies in the registration booth, Russel, Carlos, Bill and Ed. Also thanks to our parents and friends for their expertise in the pit.


Our group of MINI Cooper nuts wants to say big thank you for the great time we had at WOS 08. While we'd been at the event before with one MINI that couldn't quite make the 130 mark we decided to bring a few more cars that did have a chance. In all, we had 8 MINIs entered. These are near "stock" Cooper S's with just a few mods to them for a little more horsepower. Three of the 8 proved to be able to make after all 8 tried we offered the 3 quick cars to the others. In all, we got 8 drivers into the 130 MPH club. Our quickest speed was a 135.4. We'll be back next year trying to get those that didn't make it into the 130 club and at least 2 cars will be getting rollcages and some additional tuning to try for the 150 club. See you all in ''ve got a great bunch of folks running the event.


2008 was the rookie year for SaltCat Racing. We had a bout with the Salt Gremlins in August, but got most of them remedied by the Sept. WOS meet. The Buick inline 8 powered Jaguar was able to bump the XO/BGC record from 127 to 151.508 by a lucky fluke where we accidentally turned up the boost too high and in the course of it also upgraded the license from a D to a C. Have'n fun now!!!


'77 Caprice that my husband built to run at Bonneville in honor of our Granddaughter, Ashleigh Terbet, who is now 16 years old and has ceberal palsy due to a premature birth. Two of our long time employees, Lupe Hernandez and Alfredo Licona, went along to work on the car in the event there was any trouble with it. As it turned out all they did to the car was add some better fuel from the tanker and advance the timing? All of them had a great time and realize it is a lot harder than they thought to go 130 mph in a all-steel Detroit flying anvil. They are already making plans to go back next year to make a run of over 150 mph. Steve said that all of the workers, inspectors, starters, food service and everyone else at that meet were extremely helpful and friendly. Congratulations on a GREAT event! It took 8 runs but they came home victorious.

What a great time we had. As always the USFRA put on another great event. Our many thanks to all those who assisted in any way to make the event a great experience. We found the course conditions this year to be nothing short of spectacular. This was the fifth time on the salt for our team and again we were lucky enough to set a new class record. We are already deep into the think tank for next year. Here is a photo of us just after setting the record at the timing stand. RJ Racing

Dennis Barkers Car went 111 mph. He built this car from the ground up. He tried for the 130 club but lost his harmonic balancer in the process. The balancer was clocked at 105 mph rolling down the salt. Even though he didn't make it into the club he had fun trying and now has the fastest balancer on the salt. Hope to see you on the salt next year.

We had a wonderful time at the 2008 WOS. I bought the car in Jan. just for the 130 club run. I flew to Florida from Wyoming and drove it home. (2552 miles) The rest of the year was spent tweaking and tuning. It lost the front turbo on the first run (maybe too much tweaking?) well, all the old timers said that if you didn't break anything you weren't trying hard enough. Thanks to all the volunteers who put the event on and to all the wonderful people we met there. Will be back next year with new parts!

As a test for a new chassis, it was a great event. Flawless handling, rode like a dream. Speed was limited by a fuel delivery problem. Hats off to my first and favorite Bonneville hosts, the USFRA! Sam #6061/6062


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