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World of Speed 2008

Information Wanted!!!
Racers-- Email us a short report on how you did at World of Speed. People all around the world want to know.


Even though we blew the engine, it was a great first experience on the salt. My thanks to Dan, Chuck, Monte, and Ellen for all their help and understanding. The volunteers for USFRA are in my top 10 list, of the best people to deal with! We'll be back in 2009.

We made some good runs in our motorcycle sidecar at WOS 2008. Much thanks to USFRA folks for running a great meet. Bike #997.

Monty and John Nooman Suzuki #539 waiting for the course to be clear. John Noonan dedicated this motorcycle and the runs in memory of Cliff Gullett.

Just wanted to let you know it was my dad and my first time to salt flats to watch or run and we made the 130 club and will be back next year for the 150 club! Everybody welcomed us and was very friendly. 1967 Rambler Thanks for the good time. Ron and Jack Goss.

I want to thank everyone for their hard work to put on this event year after year. This was my first year racing and had a blast. I brought my old 87 GSXR1100 with hopes to run just over 140mph. So imagine my surprise to be able to run a 155mph time twice. I made the club!! I think I need a bigger helmet now. My 62 year old father was also a participate in the 130mph class and he made the club on the same bike!! We had a great time, and met some really wonderful people. I felt like I was part of a special family, that meets once a year, to do one thing, GO FAST. We can't wait untill next year. Maybe 170? Mike Miller X407

Wanted to drop a line to say thanks for a wonderful time at WOS. Got into the 130 club on two runs. Had a great time, people were wonderful. If anyone with experience with aero would be willing to give advice on how to help get into the 150 club I would be forever grateful. I understand the basics, but don't want to waste time or money on experiments. If someone would be willing to chat about it please contact me at Thanks. Mario Barker car t-1984

In only our first year of Land Speed Racing the Project 750 Assault Team from Malvern, PA was delighted to be able to set a new M/G 750cc motorcycle record of over 166 mph at the 2008 World of Speed. This dream could have only come through with the help and hard work of the team members, Lisa Barrow, Don Verdiani and Sandy Verdiani, Tim and Jan Evans, Dave and Nancy Buist, and our engine development partners at KWS Motorsports in South Carolina. Equally important, the team has taken this opportunity to make a substantial donation to our charity partner the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer (visit to commemorate the great fun and satisfaction we got from competing at World of Speed. Thank you USFRA! We’ll be back!

It wasn't really fast. Never expected it to be. Still I didn't remember ever seeing a Packard powered car on the salt and felt I should do something about that. So it went 155. They had fun. And all the parts I collected actually ran. In all very successful Rich Fox

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