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World of Speed 2008

Information Wanted!!!
Racers-- Email us a short report on how you did at World of Speed. People all around the world want to know.

Notes from World of Speed Racers--

Please accept our thanks for running a great meet once again. We had a good time and our car didn't break! All of the USFRA volunteers were terriffic as usual. I have attached a few of our photos in case you'd like to put them up on the web site. Having an official directing traffic at the beginning of the lines to race was a plus, as was staging short and long course cars in different lanes.
Eric Nordlof Car # 5548

On Sep 17, 2008, we finally broke the all time 47 year LSR 36 HP sedan record of Dick Beith at Bonneville with Gaylen Anderson's 66 sedan and Tom Bruch's small 1378 cc single port 36 HP turbo motor at 103.497 MPH. I made three passes over the old (36 HP) record at 6,000 RPM with 12 to 14 lb. boost. The second run turned 86.4 MPH in the 1/4 mile and 103.056 at the 1/2 mile mark and held 6,000 RPM for the rest of the mile. The motor lived through all three runs which is a testament to the strength of the 36 HP motors. We ran out of gear and with our tallest tires on. The 1956 engine is entirely vintage parts including the 50 year old ISKY 2-J cam that can still set records. While at the salt we met Ed Iskenderian (The Cam father) and after a short visit he autographed our special deck lid. The day after first setting the new record, The Discovery TV channel spent considerable time filming and interviewing us for a new 13 segment show they are creating for early 2009. All in all it was a great USFRA race meet, some speed, a little nostalgia and a lot of new friends. Car T-903 Tom Bruch

Well, it ain't easy. We made one slow run (167 MPH) and found out we had broken enough drivetrain parts that we were finished. We tore up both front and rear sprocket covers. Also, lost the clutch actutation rod and the the hydraulic slave cylinder from the rear engine. All the damage occurred when chain tension became uncontrolled during deceleration at the end of the run. With the larger front sprockets, there was no room for chain whip inside the sprocket covers. The hydraulic throttles also gave repeated problems including at the starting line. If the throttle linkage had worked properly, I believe that we would have found ourselves in impound on record qualifying speeds with drivetrain parts too chewed up to allow a record return run. Dan Wright G/FS #667.

Wednesday morning the bolts backed out of the adapter plate as we were ready to go on the starting line. So we pushed the car off to the side and went back to the pits. Some of the pits next to us dropped everything to come and help us drop the engine and trans axle and fix the problem. We were there until 7:30pm wednesday night. Thursday late morning we got the engine back in. Waited in the staging lanes. We got up there and started the car everything running well. Clay took off of the starting line and couldn't get into 1st or 2nd. He shifted into 3rd and got moving. He hit about the 2 mile marker and something let go, sparks started flying out of the hood scoop. He pulled off at the 2 1/2 mile marker. We opened the hood and there was a hole in our trans axle about the size of a quarter. One thing about salt racing is that everybody is willing to drop what they are doing if you need help. We especially want to say thank you to Doug Malone, Jesse Winders, Dan wright and all the people that helped us and never had second thoughts.

Jamie and Gretchen Hayslip and crew came out from New York to get into the salt action. We hope to see you again next year!!!

A newbie to Bonneville, Deen Hylton from Central Oregon was honored to drive his turboed 03 PT Cruiser on the historic Salt Flats. His goal of becoming a member of the 130 MPH Club was met when he clicked off a 136.08 MPH run and then backed it up with a 139.24 MPH run. Deen said he is returning next year with his buddy/pit crew Tom Marohn to gain entry in the 150 MPH Club. My hats off to the fine crew of the USFRA!

Just wanted to drop you a note to say "thank you" again for the wonderful "World of Speed" week. Your club members did an outstanding job as always. Thank you again Salty Dogs Racing.

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