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Great racing conditions and a huge number of racers kept the USFRA volunteers busy .

We enjoyed top notch racing conditions at WoS. Good hard salt, and clear warm weather contributed to a number of new class records.

Robb and Paul Spencer from Caldwell, Idaho. Barstool nicknamed "the nofuelstool" ran at a top speed of 48.6 mph and averaged a speed of 48.399 mph for the record. Paul Spencer is the crew chief and pusher.

Car #419 Spokane Lone Wolf is owned by Walt Thorton.

Charles Hornbrook owns this beautiful Car #559.

Jack Koenig owns car #1092.

Car number 5280 is owned by William Inman

Both of these motorcycles are owned by Ed Mabry/Big "D" Cycle.

Number 194 is owned by Thompson Racing.

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