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Great racing conditions and a huge number of racers kept the USFRA volunteers busy .
Top notch racing conditions gave the racers a good chance to do their best. Good hard salt, and clear warm weather contributed to a number of new class records.

Car No. 485 belongs to Don Nuss/RWS Race Cars.

 The Warp Speed Bandits last race was at Speed Week of 2006. Owner and main driver Vaughn Crispin Jr. let his Crew Chief Clay Pitkin full fill a lifetime dream of his own, which was to race on the salt. The car didn't run very well that year. It has not been on the salt since. Just recently in 2008, Vaughn has sold the car to Clay. Now the car with a different owner, name and number will race in World of Speed 2008. Good luck this year Clay and Vaughn.

Everybody waiting to get the most up to date T-shirt or salt flat memorbilia. Even the chicken.

Car No. 790 is owned by Bud McManus

Car No. 2234 goes to Monkey Wrench Motorsports

Car No. 667 belongs to Dan Wright. It crashed at 200 MPH on 9/14/07. If anyone has video of the crash on this date, please contact Dan by email:



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