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Photos from World of Speed 2009

Wa's Bad Banana! Steve Walters (Wa) has owned this Torino since 1970.

750 cc MV-Agusta run by retired mechanic Tom Libetore

This Roadster ran in the USFRA's 150 MPH Club Class.

Due to the Rains on Monday the USFRA Tech Inspected many cars at the end of the pavement

World of Speed hosts a lot of bikes.

Roy Creels Vintage $ class roadster makes big power from Model "A" four Banger


This recreation of an Austin Healey that set many records at the salt in the 1950 drew tons of attention.

Don Nuss and Scott Norris run the "Fast Ford"

Charles Farmer and Dennis Tarkington run the Yellow Submarine 'Liner.



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