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View the USFRA 130 MPH Club Video (3.5 MB)

Read a great account of a first timer running in the 130 MPH Club!

See the article in The January 2002 issue of Car Craft (page 77) for an excellent 130 Club write up!!

Print your own copy of the 130 & 150 MPH Club Tech Inspection Sheet

Print your own copy of the 130 Club Motorcycle Tech Inspection Sheet


The Utah Salt Flats Racing Association is a proud organization that continues to grow and provide opportunities for competitors to come to the Bonneville Salt Flats. The 130-mph format is specifically designed for street cars & motorcycles. The rules are simple and straight forward. We offer an entry level opportunity to try Salt Flats competition, without requiring highly specialized equipment. Many people who have never tried Land Speed Racing take this opportunity to experience the thrill of the Salt in vehicles not capable of 130 MPH, and they have a ball. This is not a parade lap. This format provides a rare chance to run street legal vehicles at speed on the Salt, which has enticed many to return with real racing vehicles and compete in the rich traditions of Land Speed Record Racing.
To become a member of the 130 MPH Club, the vehicle must run the measured mile twice in the same day at a speed no less than 130 mph. The speeds of the two runs are then averaged.


Utah Salt Flats Racing Association's 130 MPH Club

It Only Sounds Easy!!!

130 MPH Club Rules

Great video of a 150 MPH Club Pass at World of Speed

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